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Quick Bio

Born in 1984 in Milan and grown up absorbing the vibes of his parents Adv agency, Dario Albini is an art director and a visual designer specialised in the strategic approach of visual communication with a strong entrepreneurial attitude towards the design profession.

His main operation field on the market is the branding and web design consultancy for small-mid companies enriched by strategic and marketing counselling.

Dario Albini’s most powerful driving force is a blooming curiosity that leads him to a constant exploration of the interactions between nearby design fields and new horizons brought by modern technologies, broadening constantly his cultural background.

Collaborating with Dario Albini as a communication consultant is an excellent way to find a friendly and details-caring expert, with a wide array of skills, tested on daily basis in his own entrepreneurial journey and developed in more than 15 years of collaboration with some of the biggest corporates around and as well many small and medium ambitious businesses.

Selected Client List

Art Director

Visual Designer

20+ years of experience

I’ve got my first freelance graphic design job at age of 16 while studying art at high school. The same year I’ve experienced how is to work in an adv agency as an intern during the summer break.
Between the two, I’ve enjoyed the most the first experience. That was the beginning of the journey.

Since then I have worked as a freelancer in the communication industry uninterruptedly, collaborating for clients of any size, from the huge corporates like Warner Bros, Carrefour, Daikin, Saudi Aramco to small and mid companies both on the Italian and international market.


Atabaliba Studio

Strategic Visual Design Studio

Atabaliba is a communication consultancy studio operating in the visual design field that I’ve found in 2007.

It is specialised in guiding clients from the strategic planning of the communication to the design of the whole set of visual assets, with a particular expertise in branding and web design.

Atabaliba’s model is to be a very lean and light-weight, dynamic studio, built around me plus a selected network of freelancers carefully created over the years, mostly based in the creative community I’ve built around my coworking space “The Freelancer’s Island”.

This allows Atabaliba to provide an agency-like working strength while keeping at the same delivery times and costs slim without and the overall quality high, thanks to the unparalleled specialization that every freelancer brings.



The Freelancer’s Island

The First Coworking for Creatives in Milan

The Freelancer’s Island is the first coworking space for creatives in Milan, Italy.

It is built to provide the cosiest and most productive work platform for professionals of the design industry, with its quiet, comfortable, home-like spaces and its friendly and knowledgeable community.

It’s a creative cove and it also has an infinite stock of biscuits for its freelancers.

I’ve built up The Freelancer’s Island to improve my professional life on daily basis.

Having a constant source of knowledge and inspiration brought to me by a community of professionals that come from different creative fields and different experiences, it enriches my every day working experience and also expands my possible-collaborators network for Atabaliba’s projects.



Istituto Europeo di Design

IED (European Institute of Design) is a school with a network of campuses spread internationally, focused on the education and research in the disciplines of design, fashion and visual communication.

I’ve started teaching at IED two years after graduating from it, in 2005.

I hold classes for both Italian and English speaking students, greatly enjoying the time spent with my students.

I really love the chance to have a positive impact on the new generations of creatives, being able to follow them along their first steps in the creative journey, sharing and putting in good use the things I’ve learnt and saw along my own path.

At IED I teach:

  • Graphic Design for printing and interactive-animated output (with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop)
  • Vector Illustration (with Adobe Illustrator)
  • Advanced Multimedia Design (with PubCoder, Adobe InDesign)
  • The Thesis projects for the latter course



Associazione Illustratori

2008 – 2011

The Italian Illustrator’s society (now Italian Images Author’s society), is a non-profit association of professionals and artists from the illustration, comic and animation fields.
It is part of EIF (European Illustrator Forum) since 2010.

I’ve been president of the society from 2008 to 2011, working for the recognition of the professional activity of the images makers and for the improvement of their economic, legal and creative interests.

Along with my team, I’ve supervised the creation of three editions of the Annual Book of the Italian Illustration published by Lupetti Editore, held lectures and workhops in Milan, Frankfurt, Bologna, Lucca and Ravenna, organised activities in the Bologna’s International Children Book Fair and Lucca Comic and Games.



At Design Events and Fairs

Throughout the years I’ve been invited to join the jury of several advertising, illustration and design awards and to held lectures in design events and international fairs such as:

  • Bologna’s International Book Fair
  • Frankfurt Buchmesse
  • Lucca Comic and Games
  • Milan’s Bookcity
  • several IED’s special events


Get in Touch

Atabaliba Studio
The Freelancer’s Island 
via Alserio, 23 – Milan, Isola

Mobile 333 7311462
Studio 02 87196433


Drop Me a Line

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